Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shhh: Part 2

10626.) I always think about meeting my favourite bands,
and plan out what happens when I'm bored or alone.
I make up little scenarios about them inviting me
to travel with them on tour, and I make it so I was
their best friend. And then I realise it's only my
imagination going wild.

10682.) I'm not gay, but I really want to give my
friend a blowjob. Just to see what it's like. LMAO at this one!

10681.) I hate my life.I just cannot scream it out loud.

10679.) When I was fucking him I thought of you.
You're a girl and so am I. I wish I could quit you.

10674.) Part of me wishes more than anything that
someone would fall in love with me. The other part
wishes I didn't fucking care.

10671.) It's always the quiet ones that are really hurting.

10658.) I'm always feeling as if I'm never good enough,
like a social outcast. Outside I may seem like any other
girl but deep in the inside, I'm completely miserable.

(via blogsecret)

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