Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sinetron Jelita

I've been watching the Indonesian sinetron, Jelita religiously. Every Mon-Thu, 2.30pm-3.30pm on tv3. My days are sooo boring without it~ Lmao. Hiperbola betul.

I'm addicted. Oh,yes I am. I'd rather berkurung kat rumah than go out cause I don't want to miss it. Hahahah.

SO the point of this post is not to force ya'll to watch it or whatever but just to complain about the fact that....


Ok, puas skit.

I mean like seriously, Bayu (played by Dirly of Indonesian Idol 3 fame) is the hero, hence he should get the girl, right? But nooooooo, Jelita (played by Agnes Monica) married Bayu's cousin Erlangga (Nino Fernandez) instead. Siap ada anak lagi siot.

This is Bayu - Dirly Idol
This is Erlangga - Nino Fernandez (Indon-German)

Gilerh tak puas hati okaaaay! Dah Si Angga tu ada masalah jantung, sikit2 pengsan. Ada hati plaaaak nak jadi hero. Blah laaaaaah. Ok, but in truth Erlangga is actually a very nice guy, understanding and all that crap. But it's not fair. After all the hardships that Bayu & Jelita had gone through as a couple...tidak membuahkan hasil. Adeyh...sedey2.
But this is just so far...the story is not over yet! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Bayu & Jelita!


  1. I'm sorry I also liked the cute Bayu, but I must admit the moment his cousin Erlangga came into the picture couple epis ago, I totally fell for him:) Soo cute and sexy! I'm still watching the serial, I didn't yet to see half of it but ashamed as I might be to say that, I probably wouldn't even notice if Bayu would dissappear completely, now! Totally lost interest in him. Erlangga is so hot.. Only his ill health makes me a bit worried. But it still confirms that I no longer care about the whole Bayu and Vivian drama plot at all.

  2. Hey there just found this drama on viki, looks interesting but cant find any info on jelita, is it really good. i dont want to waste time or sleep over nonsense, can u tell me a little more if you get a chance?!?! Pretty please :)