Thursday, April 1, 2010


It doesn't matter what you're doing or where you are or who
you're with.It takes over your mind by surprise. Like a
fog enclosing your brain.Your brain is blinded. Nothing
seems logical or rational at that moment.An eerie surge
goes through your body. A sinking feeling in the pit of your
stomach. Sickening and nauseous. You feel like you might
just throw up any second. Tears start welling in your eyes.
You are in fear. You're impaired. A furrow creases your
forehead. You suddenly find yourself gulping down saliva
that you never noticed forming. Then the wave of numbness
crumbles in. Your mind is numb.You start to get antsy.
Squirming, fidgeting and glancing around like someone
may be onto you. Somebody watching your every move.
Judging you. Out to get you.

Suddenly the wave of pressure attacks your immobilized mind.
And you break.

Funny how just 5 minutes ago, you were laughing at a joke.

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