Thursday, December 4, 2008

Britney's Album Launch Party in One Utama!

Yes! I went for the launch! *squeals*

It wasn't as spectacular as I hoped it would be but a Britney event is more than enough to hype me up!

Apparently they only sold Circus here & other music stores will only be selling it on the 3rd onwards. So yes, Zaza & I were the first few to have it in our hands before anyone else! Be jealous,bitches ;) I got myself both the normal & deluxe editions, well cause I have too. It's crazy NOT to.
Normal Edition

Deluxe Edition which includes extra bonus tracks,poster & DVD

God, we arrived early, like really really early & the long wait was just making me super antsy and excited. I was talking gibberish way too much & Zaza just sorta went quiet. LOL, gilerh terbalik.

We grabbed as many posters as we could after the event and I think Zaza & I got most of it. HAHA.
We wanted to grab this board stand thingy but they wouldnt let us :( They had a few like I think 6 of these there and after the event it was supposed to be shipped off to music stores. Booooo.


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