Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finally! WOMANIZER Video!

BITCHES!!!! It's finally here!!!

O-M-F-G! *jawdrops*

THE QUEEN, MY QUEEN is back better than ever and with a vengeance too!

Womanizer is fucking FIERCE, FLAWLESS & just reeks of FABULOSITY!!!


I'm so excited I don't know where to start! So I'll probably just ramble randomly.

I so did not expect a nude scene! Hello, surprise! But a good one obviously. LMAO.

And Britney in her robe making breakfast? How cute is that? Cair I tgk. And its a square bull-eye egg? WTH. Lol.

I love Brit with specs, she looks hottt.

That was hot.
I :heart: all her looks:
- desperate sexy housewife @ the beginning
- hot formal ala librarian look.
- bad ass, leather wearing tattooed waitress
- mysterious sexy chauffeur wearing just a coat suit with no shirt & skinny tie with hot heels!
- nude sexy Britney writhing around on a bench in the sauna :eek2:
I :heart: how the guy tries to grab her waist/ass from behind but she grabs his hands and flings it away.
I :heart: how she teases him on the photocopy machine.
I :heart: how the chubby guy from Toxic makes an appearance
I :heart: how there's a scene like in I'm A Slave 4 U, like one big orgy during the waitress scene.
I :heart: the car scene. How sexy is she just maneuvering the car with the tip of her feet?
I :heart: the way the 3 characters merge into 1 and throws him down on the bed.
I :heart: the dance moves.
I :heart: the the cute expressions on her face.
I :heart: the irony/ bit of feminism.
I :heart: the concept with the ending especially the way she makes the bed.
I :heart: that Joseph Kahn directed this video. He's such a great director. He previously directed Britney's Stronger & Toxic vid.

I'm glad to be her fan since 1998.

Watch MTV's Director Version (it's clearer)


Director's Cut:
DOWNLOAD it here.

That is a rip from youtube, but as soon as I get the HD version I'll update!

TV Version
HQ TV-Rip (Censored version):
Download here.

Download the Director's Cut in .3gp format for your handphones/iPods & wtvr:
Download here.

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  1. it's a hot vid, definitely. i was a bit disturbed by the sauna shots tho bcuz she was always covering her chest awkwardly. well, at least I thought it seemed awkward ;) aside from that, it's an awesome comeback effort. i love the driving scene too, haha!

    laa patutla the vid reminds me of her past ones, same director with stronger and toxic? haha, i can see the style. urban sexiness. and he probably really likes to see brit2 naked. haha :P

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this vid! Uber hotness!

    Who wouldn't want to see Brit NAKED? O.O