Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, it's pretty crappy that Halloween isn't that all popular in Malaysia. It's been catching up over the years but still not really popular.

Which sucks! Cause its so much fun! Bummer.

I guess we'll have to settle with munching on tons of candies & having a scary movie marathon (no, not that lame ass "Scary Movie" movies, REAL scary movies).

Here's a bit of an interesting read about the origins of the Jack O'Lantern:

The tradition of pumpkin carving derives from the Celtic myth of Stingy Jack. To condense the story, Stingy Jack tricked the Devil twice. The first time, he tricked him into turning into a coin and kept him into his pocket next to a silver cross. When Jack released him, they made a deal. The Devil would leave him alone for a year and not take his soul upon death. At the end of the allotted time, Jack again tricked the Devil into another deal. Soon after, Jack died. God would not let him into Heaven and the Devil would not take his soul. With only a glowing coal, Jack was left to wander the earth. Legend says he put it into a carved-out turnip.

I was looking at a couple of Halloween outfits & I think these few ought to be eye-catching!

Guys would definately look hot in these outfits:

Sweeney Todd

The Vampire Lestat


And for the girls, it is definately the day to dress up like a slut and get away with it! LMAO.

Slutty Nurse

Playboy Bunny


Sexy Kitten

Naughty Schoolgirl

"Bad" Cop

I suggest Zaza dresses up as the Naughty Schoolgirl or the "Bad" Cop. LMAO. XD

Ayam, I DO NOT want to dress as a playboy bunny! NO! Especially not with the bunny tail. Bleh.

I'm going as Kat Von D & Vampyre is going as Samantha Ronson!


Mood: Amused


  1. sweeney tod... *drools*
    edward scissorhands pun best gak apa? ;D

    ooooooooooh sam's effin hot. :D

  2. Oh, Johnny! <3<3<3

    Edward Scissorhands is a classic too. Hott!

    I loike Sam too ;)

    Then Lilo wud be my gf. HAHAHAHA!

  3. I choose to be Bad Cop.But HEY! playboy bunny is perfect for you!

  4. I knew you would choose bad cop!~


    Tak nak. I'm no bunny,bitch.

  5. It gives me the right to inspect people.

    Bunny Cic~