Friday, March 6, 2009

Fashion Update!

I realize it's been awhile +queues in Brit's Break The Ice+ since I talked fashion, so here's an update of what has caught my eye!

Marc Jacobs O.O.C. Glitter Studs Mini: This totally reminds me of "Jem & The Holograms"!

Remember Jem?? Sangat ala ala 80's gitu. I love the fuchsia hue. Ugh, I just have this thing for fuchsia, I don't know why. The metallic effect is pure partyyy. This retails for $995. 

Tod’s Hel Zip Bauletto Medio bag in a gaga-gorgeous vibrant pink Magenta leather: Once again I love love love the hue, its not fuchsia but purple. Damn Gwyneth for being Tod's spokesmodel! I don't think her outfit matches the bag, here she is wearing something comfortable sloppy-ish but I think the bag would suit a more sophisticated outfit or perhaps semi casual.

Dolce and Gabbana Miss New Easy Way: Hmm, I don't usually like this type of handbags but I'm strangely drawn to it's smart & sturdy look.  I love how structured and neat it is, and the sensible dark brown color seems to fit its personality well. Though I don't like brown, but this hue seems to suite it. The moment I saw it I can just imagine it would be perfect to tote it to the office with a sensible attire. Preferable the high-waisted, white shirt & a scarf look. Or a pantsuit. It's a pretty simple purse but the studs & logo plate add a little kick.

Mischa Barton's look: I like this whole ensemble, but the shoes...not so much. She's paired her ultra-glam Lady Dior handbag with a monochromatic Sienna-Miller-meets-A-Clockwork-Orange ensemble. It’s a little overstyled, but I like the bowler. 


  1. My sis curi my mom's Lady Dior.
    Damn.Baru nak amik.
    Hey, Mischa's shoes are not that bad.If the front heels are not there.I love T-bars!

  2. Curi lah balik!

    Yeap, I don't like the platform-ish look. If dia nak mcm tu jgak at least pakai platform pumps.Ada this YSL shoe or a pair that Kate Bosworth pakai yg will fit well. Tak tau plak what brand, tapi lawa!

    I loike T-bars too but not with that outfit.