Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh, Nabila & Iqram!

There are two new shows that recently started, and I'm gonna try to follow them religiously.  Both plotlines seem interesting enough. But I'm watching because of ________. Hint: Title of this post. LOL.

The first is 'Cinta Untuk Ain', starring Nabila Huda & Que Haidar.  I adore Nabila Huda. If there's any movies/dramas, I'll watch it cause of her. Hahahah!

She has such pretty skin! And I like her voice, bod and fashion sense too. Too bad her husband is fugly :(

The second one is 'Rempit vs Impak Maksima'. It's a mixture of the movie 'Remp-It' & 'Impak Maksima'. This drama also stars that chick & dude from KAMI, Zeyna Ibrahim who played Adii (the cool girl, not the annoying whiny one) and Nas-T who played Abu. Oh, and Dina of Malaysian Idol makes her acting debut in this drama too.

Now here as some candy for your eyes. Hahahah! 

I present to you: Iqram Dinzly!

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