Thursday, May 14, 2009



I just completed the whole of Season 1. I know, I lembap kaaaan. Tulah busy sangat tgk Rempit vs Impak Maksima la, Cinta Untuk Ain la. Haha.

I actually watched it continuously till 4.30am. Wtf. I was hooked. I have to say, I was pretty amazed by Popiah Picture's latest production. The plot was intriguing and was executed well and quite daring I might say. For the detective part of things, they used the Veronica Mars style a lot as an example, and a lot of how clues are revealed as part of the larger story arc is basically either setting up or eliminating suspects. The cinematography is portrayed beautifully which is exactly what most locally produced productions lack. The acting is alright, not that cringe-worthy. Cheryl Samad (is she a mix? Why is her name Cheryl?) Nazrudin Rahman, Carmen Soo, Reefa, Razif Hashim and Yasmin Isa were all pretty good BUT...yes there is a but, Tony Eusoff. Ugh, he just annoys me and his acting makes me uncomfortable. Takde pelakon lain ke??

Ghost is a whodunit with a twist – a girl tries to solve the mystery behind the death of a famous movie star- a star that she has always admired but hardly knows.

The story concerns journalist Eza (Cheryl) who bumps into Zack (Nazrudin), a movie star. She offers him a place to stay but later learns that Zack is actually dead and Eza is the only one who can see him.Zack, however, is convinced he was murdered and enlists the help of Eza to find out who did it and why.This part supernaturl thriller, part romantic comedy blends different elements for an explosive mix.


And the theme song is just so hauntingly beautiful. I'm so in love with it right now. The song is by Douglas Lim & Chelsia Ng and the title is Masih Jua.It's played during the opening credits and it's so lawa! It doesn't look fake or lame. Tak caya, tgk sendiri.

Download the song here.

You can watch it at 8tv's website. Btw Season 2 dah start! :D

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  1. Dear screwed up little bitch, we would have you know that all the actors in Ghost, are all great actors who have thousands of followers.
    The appreciation for sophisticated acting really isn't for everyone and it's not something we can expect someone like you to even begin to understand.
    Sorry if any of their acting makes you feel uncomfortable, but you might like to check if its your own inadequacy as a person that's causing it.
    It is of no wonder nobody reads your pathetic little blog and that google deletes your stuff.