Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Pierces - Kill! Kill! Kill!

What were you doing in my dream last night
Well I thought I locked that door up tight,
Well it's a mystery to me
How you keep on slippin'
In my mind...
And it's downright dirty that this 'ol wound
Won't heal with time

[Chorus] :
Well you could wash my bain
You could tear out my heart
But I would never forget you
You could change my name
I could make a new start
But I would never forget you

And it's kill... kill... killin' me
It's Kill Kill Kill Kill Killin' me
That I'm still in love with you

Verse 2:
Just when I think, I've got you in safe keeping
That's when your memory, it comes round creepin'
Well it's an ache I can't shake
It's creeped down deep down to my core
But babe I can't fake it, I can't take this heartbreak


(It's killin... Me)

Verse 3:
I asked you please to leave my heart
But you refused to go
I can't take this pain much longer
You insist on teaching me what I already know
Absence made this heart grow fonder



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