Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Urban Symphony - Rändajad

Ok, first of all....WTF is up with Google???? This is my second post they've deleted. The first was the post on Brit's debut performances of Womanizer in Europe. Now, it was my previous post on my fave entries at this year's Eurovision. All videos I posted were from Youtube and the performances were broadcasted, so don't give me the crap bout copyright infringement. The shit is all over the internet. It's not like I'm posting pics of Nazri Aziz & that hooker or his son, for fucks sake! SERIOUSLY GOOGLE....the FUCK??

Ok, I'm done venting.

Ok, I'm so damn completely addicted to this song by Urban Symphony, Estonia's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. They placed 6th position with their song, Rändajad, which translates to Wanderers or Nomads.

Urban Symphony - Rändajad (Radio version)

Urban Symphony - Rändajad (Acoustic version)

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