Thursday, December 3, 2009

Britney & Her Boys on Elle Cover Jan 2010

My fave pic. Just plain beautiful~

Part time legend // Full time Mom <3

Is that the Cookie Monster???

No, it's BRITNEY! Lmao~


New shoot! Finally!
Aaah, I can't stop smiling like a goob whilst looking at this pics. Heart's racing. Cold sweaty palms. Just by looking at pictures.No one does it like mah Brit, ya'll! She never cease to amaze at how she makes me feel. Do I sound like a psycho yet? Hahahahah~

Sadly, it was reported that there's no interview with this shoot. It's been awhile since Brit did a decent interview. She's been very private and its quite obvious with the lack of promotion for Circus & The Singles Collection. I mean she hasn't done a TV interview, magazines or shows in awhile and frankly I don't blame her. She deserves some privacy, the media have already done more than enough damage.

Anyway, Brit looks gorgeous with her two little princes!
My my, how fast they grow. :')
They're just the cutest lil' things <3

You can betcha I'mma get copies of this once it hits our local newsstands. ;)

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