Thursday, December 17, 2009

Darin Zanyar

I've posted about Darin before here. He's a pop singer from Sweden. He was the runner up for Swedish Idol. I admit, I only downloaded that song because of Kat De Luna & never really payed much attention to his other songs.

I recently downloaded his album Flashback after obsessing over his song Pop That which I posted here. After taking a listen, his album is a pretty solid pop album. I didn't have to skip any tracks, they're all good :D I really miss a good pop album like we had back in the late 90's & early 00's when boybands & teen queens ruled the radio charts. And most of his songs were produced by Max Martin & RedOne!So here are a few of my faves of his Flashback album. He will be releasing "Breathing Your Love" to the British market next year and I hope he does well!

Darin - Dance
Darin - Flashback
Darin - Girl Next Door
Darin - Karma
Darin - Paradise
Darin - Runaway
Darin - Roadtrip
Darin - Season Fly
Darin - See U At The Club
Darin - Strobelight
Darin - What If
Darin feat. Kat Deluna - Breathing Your Love

Breathing Your Love

What If

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