Thursday, December 10, 2009

Toni Braxton - So Yesterday

I love Toni's new single. It's been awhile since we last saw her. She still looks amazing for her age, her skin is flawless & glowing! So hot! And of course the vid includes shots of her amazing signature legs. :D Potensi sugar mommy ni~ xD

Oh, her new love interest in the vid is HUGE. Geez, how tall is that guy. He makes her look so teensy weensy! Lol. Her ex-bf (Shannon Brown - total cutie!) & new love interest (Ron Artest) in this vid are both basketball players.

Idk why, but I think Trey Songz is kinda cute. Not too sure if he's cute or not. Ada tak such thing. Lol. Must be the diamond studs. Idk why I have a thing for guys with diamond studs? And the cute smile. But then again them muscles & his voice don't hurt either. Hehe~ For something REALLY random bout him, click here & here I suggest to leave it on mute & just watch him talk. Unless your up for NSFW!

P.S: Notice Toni's Christian Louboutin studded pumps while she's laying on the table. Love!

P.P.S: Notice Brooke Hogan in the vid? Lmfao. She looks huge next to Shannon, poor girl. 0.0

P.P.S: One thing I will always remember bout Toni is her son was born on Dec 2. Same date as Brit2. Hehehe~

Gave you the benefit of the doubt
'Till you showed me what you were about
Your true colors came out
And your words couldn't hide the sin

I'm done with this, feeling like an idiot
Loving you, I'm over it
I just don't love you, don't love you no more


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