Monday, November 17, 2008

Malaysian Sex & The City?


Haih, Malaysians are so unoriginal, like seriously. Every local drama series out there mesti dah kena cedok dari mane ntah.

So here is the latest one, 'Apa Itu Cinta' on Astro Prima.

A fun light hearted series (concept based of Sex & The City, but without the Sex) that personifies individuals living in the urban and in the midst of modernization. The whole plot revolves on the way of life,love,issues,hopes and dreams of young successful women from the eye of a writer, Diyana. The treatment of the series is colorful,fun,with a little bit of emotion throughout the series.

Cast: Sazzy Falak, Aleeza Kasim, Abby Abadi, Elaine Daly

Oh well, at least ada chance nak tengok Sazzy! <3 style="font-style: italic;">suara serak yang sexy.

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