Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chris Crocker - Mind In The Gutter

Yes. Chris Crocker has a song out. Yesssss, that Chris Crocker.

You know the one that screamed "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!" in those viral Youtube videos. You don't remember? Watch this to refresh your memory.

For those that don't know him, read up here. He's an internet celebrity, yo. And yes he's gay. Isn't it obvious? If you gotta problem with that, you might want to get the stick outta yo' ass and knock your head silly with it, fuckin' homophobe.

Anyhoo, you damn bitches can be jealous of him cause he's prettier than most of, ya'll. Like seriously. Look.

Ok, ok. Back to the point. Chris released his first single "Mind In the Gutter" from his debut album Turned On set for release in January 2009. It has yet to be confirmed if he is signed to a label or not.


It's catchy & I've been playing it on replay. And its stuck in my head!

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  1. hahah, i've always thought he was hot. no matter how eccentric he can be. ;P