Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Malaysian Blogger Detained

Ok, so I usually don't blog about politics but this is just....well I had to post it. Perez Hilton actually blogged about this on his site! Bringing the Malaysian name & crapping on it.

A controversial Malaysian blogger named Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been detained for criticizing the Malaysian government and 'insulting' Islam.

And, as if that weren't troubling enough, the blogger is going to be locked up - without a trial - for TWO YEARS!

His wife told the media, "(Police) said my husband has been sent to Kamunting this morning and that he will remain there for two years with no trial. This is the worst news I can receive but we will keep fighting for his release."

The blogger's attorney said the government had pulled a "mean, dirty trick" by issuing the detention order the night before a scheduled court hearing on Tuesday to secure his release. "The government can now hide behind a veil of secrecy because they do not have to disclose reasons for detaining him."

God bless America.

We always give thanks for the freedom we have to speak our mind!

Perez Hilton

Dgn berita cam ni, macam manelah nak membanggakan nama negara di mata dunia eh, Pak Lah?

Bagus! Keep up the good work Pak Lah!

Kebebasan bersuara,

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